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MIDNIGHT CULT RAVE 06 Registration

MIDNIGHT CULT RAVE 05 will be held on June 8th-9th, 2024.This rave will be held at a secret location, about 2-3 hours away by car from the central Tokyo area.
Only 200 participants, including artists and staff, will be allowed on the premises of the location. All participants are required to register in advance. Please follow the instructions below to register.  MIDNIGHT CULT will contact you via email with further information and the details of the location. 
You will be denied entrance if you are not registered.
Admission and parking for MIDNIGHT CULT RAVE is free.

If you would like to join the event, please follow the "Participant Registration" button, and enter the required information.

There will be bungalows available to rent out. Instructions for renting out bungalows will be mentioned on the "Participant Registration" page.

If you would like to participate as a vendor, please follow the "Vendor Registration" button. All vendors are welcome as long as the conditions mentioned after the link are met.   

2024年6月8日~9日 の日程でMIDNIGHT CULT RAVE 05を開催します。


MIDNIGHT CULT RAVEでは出店者を歓迎します。出店を希望の場合は「出店を希望する」ボタンより、諸条件をご確認の上ご登録ください。ご登録のない出店は不可です。


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